Insight on the Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterfly tattoo

Who says you can't have art when getting a tattoo? As a matter of fact, that is the main reason why a significant number of people are getting different designs and colors of tattoos these days. If you are still undecided on what design you would have, why not consider a butterfly tattoo? Many experts and tattoo appreciators would readily attest the butterfly designs are simply one of the bests there are. Worldwide, it is believed that butterfly tattoos are among the most commonly acquired designs of such skin art statements.

Why do people get hooked to butterfly tattoos? Perhaps, there are a couple of simple reasons. First, the design is so unique and explicit that no matter what size and shape of a butterfly you take, the result would always be aesthetically appealing. You can choose to take a big butterfly and have it tattooed at different angles. There are countless of existing butterfly species so you will have a wide array of choices.

The color is also one factor that helps make a greater number of people prefer butterfly designs if they would ever get one. A butterfly tattoo can have multiple colors or can have one distinct lively color that would make it a real standout. No wonder, many celebrities are so into getting these tattoo designs, which make butterfly tattoos further popular.

Another reason why many people would get a butterfly tattoo, that is if they would ever decide to get one, is the symbolic meaning of the insect. Butterflies universally symbolize rebirth and transformation, which is often associated to improvements. If you are familiar with the life cycles of butterflies, you would surely understand why this is so.

Before a butterfly becomes the colorful flying insect that it is, it first spends a significant amount of its life span as a caterpillar that thrives at and eats leaves of plants. After sometime, the caterpillar would turn into a pupa and would form a cocoon. Then, after days, it would metamorphose into the beautiful and environmentally useful butterfly.