Sexy Butterfly Tattoos - Add a Feminine Flutter in Ink

The meaning of persons lives are often found in the pursuit of an ideal or an ambition. These are usually simply pursuits or the drive towards the main purpose of a person's life. These define individuals and even compel them to become better. Butterfly tattoos symbolize this very well. The creature it is based on is known for the drive to attain purpose or the realization of one's potential. Since butterflies and butterfly tattoos embody change, this usually is change in the form of development. This means change with a goal in mind.

Many believe that dreams are like butterflies. This is perhaps the reason why people associate butterfly tattoos with goals and aspirations. The variety of what people dream and are motivated to achieve is the same as the different kinds of butterflies. They are unique and very interesting. Each has a compelling story behind it. Dreams are ideas until they are realized. A pupa is not a butterfly until it transforms into that. This is a change unique t butterflies are used to represent the actualization of dreams. It also alludes to the change people undergo so that they can attain their goals.

Butterfly tattoos are also used by individuals to represent the adversity and challenge an individual need to face and overcome so that they may pursue and achieve their aspirations. The wonderful creature that it features is known to go through arduous states before becoming a magnificent butterfly. This is no different from the struggle of a person to see his or her dream become a reality. The butterfly also teaches individuals that limits and boundaries have to be surpassed so that a person may fully achieve their potential.

Butterflies and butterfly tattoos also represent liberation. They symbolize the attainment of freedom, which is often the achievement of one's dreams. Dreams remain ideas and concepts so long as the person that has them is confined and restrained from attaining them. The butterfly shows individuals a good example of the need and strength to be free to pursue one's dreams. In certain cases, freedom is both a means to achieve dreams as well as an achievement itself. Butterflies represent both notions as well.